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To All Our Customers and Visitors of Diecast Dummies

The Diecast Dummies website has been upgraded to a newer version.  This means there have been changes made to the site.  Some good, some not so great. You will notice changes to the store pages, making it easier to see all the items that are listed.  When you select an item on that page, you will see an enhanced Product Page with product information and more images to view of the item. Changes have also been made to the checkout section.  A new feature has been added that allows you to pay for your purchase when it is delivered.  This will be useful to our many cash sale customers.  Unfortunately, the checkout page also states that shipping is FREE!  This is an error that we are unable to change. To avoid any confusion with shipping charges, we are placing our Shipping Policy at the bottom of this page.  Please take the time to read the policy and if there are any questions, contact us for more info.

So, although there are changes to the site, nothing else has changed!

Same Great Diecast at the Same Great Prices with the Same Great Guys giving the same Great Customer Service!

Our Shipping Policy

Shipping Charges are not free.
They will be invoiced by Email once the total is calculated.
Local Orders (Winnipeg) will be delivered free on min $20 order
Rural Orders (within 60 km radius) will be delivered free on min $40 order
All other orders may be subject to a delivery charge.

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